Research Projects

My current research interests lie in understanding how people construct and express identities on social media and how the differences in identities influence their interactions with each other. Specifically, Iā€™m interested in how individuals express their political ideology, nationality, and race/ethnicity and how they perceive and respond to others with identity consideration. On a larger scale, I am also interested in how this process leads to the cultural phenomenon of balkanization, polarization, and user migration in online spaces.


I have accumulated a rich experience during my previous academic and professional experience. My research mainly focused on library science during my undergradaute study. During my master's program, I conducted numerous independent reserach projects with a focus on tracking, modeling, and understanding online communities using data mining approaches. After my graduation, my jobas a data scientist in non-profit research orginations and universities gave me an unique exposure to social sciences research, such as public health and criminal justice.

Ph.D. Period (2023-Present)
Post-Master Working Professional Period (2020-2023)
Master's Period (2018-2020)
Undergradaute Period (2014-2018)