Yukun's Definitive 300 Albums List 💽

I took a retrospective review of all the albums I've listened to. Reted some and put together this simple website. This is the embodiment of my musical personality. As described, this list is highly personal and therefore, personally biased — I must have overrated or underrated some but who the f* cares. I intentionally left out some because I only put the ones I can confidently rate.

The enlisted 300+ albums are selected by an arbitrary cutoff of 8.2 (You know, the "Best New Music"...) and they fall into 5 groups. The rankings wihtin groups, as shown in the page, usually doesn't mean anything. The cover art and metadata are retrived from Last Fm & MusicBrainz API; some info might be wrong. Compilation albums are generally excluded unless the aritist's the best album is literally their singles collection.

Updated 03/22: I had a minor update: adding new albums in 2021 and 2022. Also, there is a new section for visualizing the summary statistics of the data. Please take a look at the bottom of the page.

You can hover on the album covers to see more information.

Perfect Albums (10/10)

Ten for Ten. Albums that makes you feel in heaven... or Las Vegas? Just Perfect. 

Near Perfection (9.6+/10)

Albums that show long-lasting artistry or have strong personal bonds with me. Enchantingly beautiful pieces of work. My desert island albums list ends here.

Legendary (9.2-9.5/10)

Serving legacy. Albums that age like wine, not milk.

Exceptional Albums (9-9.1/10)

Very very good albums in my opinion. I must be obbsessed with those ones at least for a period time.

So Close to Nine (8.8-8.9/10)

Albums with superior aesthetic values. Usually you can only pick out very few fillers from them.

Not Like The Others (8.4-8.7/10)

 Albums I would begin to use the word "great" to describe. Just great albums generally or albums I was more interested in them previously or new albums that needs the test of time.

Gate Keepers (8.2-8.3/10)

Good album that show respesctable effort. Maybe some guilty pleasures but I personally enjoy them a lot. It seems like there are a lot of pop albums here.