Hi there!

I'm Yukun.


Yukun Yang (ι™½ ηŽ‰ε ƒ)

I am a Data Visualization Research Fellow at the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. Previously, I was a Data Scientist at the Police Foundation. I graduated from the master's program in Information Science offered by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. My research interests widely across the field of Information Science and Computational Social Science. Specifically, I am interested in interdisciplinary research that investigates social or collective behaviors on social media in a computational fashion. I aim at tracking and modeling online communities with data mining approaches and interpreting and understanding them with social sciences theories.

Before attending the graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, I received my bachelor's degree in Library Science from Northwest University .

Research Keywords

What Skills Would I Bring to the Job at Your Company? πŸ› οΈ

I'm a life-time learner πŸ“š

My Recent Updates

My blog Indra's Net was online. I will post some analytical pieces of social media and computational social science there. Feel free to subsribe!


I will start my job at Boston University, Center for Antiracist Research as a Data Visualization Research Fellow. Whoop, Whoop!


Hey there! I made a website for the albums that define my music taste. Click me to check it out!


I built a web application to analyze the rejection letters I received in the past three months using Data Mining and Data Viz skills. Check this out!


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