Visualization Portfolio

Effectively communicating the data analysis result is always my focus of being a data scientist. I've independently built a myriad of data dashboards and applications to facilitate data communication between researchers and practitioners. Below is a showcase of my work.

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Inforgraphics Design
I have produced more than 70 inforgrpahics. The grid below will show 15 random ones. You can click the button to refresh.

I am also skillful in created static design for data visualizations. Below are some examples of those for which I colleted, cleaned, analzyed, and visualized the data and designed the graphic.
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Dashboards in Python (Plotly Dash/Flask/Streamlit)
All works listed below are full-stack & independent visualizations deployed on AWS EC2/ElasticBean Stalk or Heroku. Note: As Heroku is no longer free, I am tranisitioning current apps to Render; therefore, some of the apps might be available for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am fluent in advanced Dash dashboard programming, including advanced callbacks, multi-page design, cross-filtering interaction, and data sharing across callbacks. Click to reveal more details.

Geospatial Dashboards/StoryMaps (Build with ArcGIS)
All works listed below finished independently in a technical perspective. More than 20 individual AcrGIS Maps are built to as complimentary material behind the StoryMap.

I am an experienced ArcGIS analyst in interactive map design and basic spatial analytics.

Open Data Portal (Build in ckan)
The open data site listed below is designed and deployed on my own. Website contains additional visualizations programmed with Highchart JS.

I am competent in independently design and deploy an open data portal with the ckan framework. I have successfully built the environment on AWS EC2, design the website with Jinja2/HTML/CSS/Javascript, and control the data flow with API.

Dashboards in Tableau
All dashboards listed below are my independent work published on Tableau Public. Additional dashboards deployed on Tableau Online was not displayed due to confidentiality.

I am an experienced Tableau user and also an ardent learner. I am capable of building intricate interactive visualizations with complex data queries and table computations.
Below is a slide show of my tableau work for NPF. Click to visit the dashboard on Tableau Public.